About Secure Maritime Services Co UK

Secure Maritime Services was created to fulfill a maritime security function in a vulnerable  segment of the maritime market.


This segment is the yacht market. Whether a small cruiser, (sail or power) or a multi-million dollar "Mega-Yacht", all require security practices that range from basic protection against opportunistic equipment theft to life threatening piracy, hostage taking and other violent crime against the owners, crew and guests.


Much is written about international piracy and hostage taking for ransom, but many maritime crimes are committed much closer to home, resulting in severe impact on owners and guests.


Secure Maritime Services has the experience necessary to provide training and advice to assist yacht owners avoid and mitigate maritime crime.  The owner has been involved in the yachting world as a Commercial Captain, Yacht Skipper and Military/Law Enforcement Maritime officer. This experience is backed by current certification as an instructor in the maritime security field including ISPS Code trainer, X-ray, secure perimeter/access control and recognition of IEDs and other hazardous materials trainer. The owner also has a post graduate certificate in terrorism studies and has trained law enforcement personnel in the subject.


The owner has provided security training to crews on Mega Yachts belonging to Middle Eastern Royalty, military maritime authorities and to private yacht owners, interested in learning how best to protect their assets and equipment from theft, including theft of the yacht itself which is more common than one would like to think.


The training provided is flexible, current and culturally sensitive to owner's needs and requirements. Although operating mainly in the European market, Secure Maritime Services is available for other international areas world-wide. 


Please contact me to discuss your requirements and for further information on the services provided.